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Cumberland Presbyterian
    • From the Pastor

      What is more important than the sun rising?  Think about it, if the sun doesn't rise we're a popsicle.  So, nothing else really matters on earth if the sun doesn't rise and run its course.

      So what could be more important than the sun rising?  The Son rising, of course!  Jesus Christ risen from the dead totally eclipses the sun rising in importance for human beings.  If the sun doesn't rise, we die on earth.  If the Son doesn't rise, we die for eternity.

      God is so good to us!  He promises the sun will continue to rise and shin on earth until He returns.  Moreover, He promises that by believing in His sacrificial death on the cross and His triumphant resurrection from the dead, we have a new life that begins now and a life that never ends in paradise with Him.  That's the good news of the Gospel!  

      But some people live as though the good news is not needed, live as though the sun rising on earth is really all they need.  Practically speaking, and in terms of the way they actually live their lives, the sun rising is far more important than the Son rising.  The historical event of the Son of God rising from the dead is not even on their radar.  Their earth life has totally blocked out their opportunity for a heaven life, indeed, and the opportunity for a full, abundant life in fellowship with God here on this earth.

      So, my fellow brothers and sisters, children of the Great King, let us pray for people to wake up and throw back the curtains of their heart and let The Son shine in their lives.  Let's not only pray for them, but also invite them to come and participate, be around the family of God and get a glimpse of the glory and warmth of the Son.  Come and celebrate Jesus and the resurrection on Easter Sunday and invite others who may someday believe.

      He is Risen Indeed!


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